Captec Group®

The Code of Conduct and Ethical Behavior of the Group contains the principles and rules governing our daily activities and business relationships and is a fundamental guiding tool for demonstrating good professional practice and ethical conduct. The Code ensures that all the activities of the Group are carried out with transparency, integrity and reliability, thus protecting its reputation, which is its most valuable intangible asset.

The Supplier Code of Conduct explains what Captec Group expects from its suppliers in terms of corporate responsibility in the areas of work, health and safety, the environment and ethics.

The Policy establishes the framework for promoting the respect and protection of human rights, both within Captec Group’s internal environment and in its sphere of influence and expresses the will of the Management regarding the protection of human rights of the stakeholders (employees, customers, suppliers, partners, etc.).

The Policy highlights the Management’s commitment to respecting diversity, ensuring equality, as reflected in Captec Group’s Policies and Procedures, and continually fostering a culture of inclusion, whereby all employees feel they belong and participate.

This policy aims at creating and establishing a working environment in which there will be respect for human beings, which will promote and safeguard human dignity and the right of every person in a world of work without violence and harassment of any kind. This policy also aims at raising awareness among parties involved and at the adoption of measures to this end.

This Policy defines the key elements that govern and characterize the employment relationships within Captec Group. It describes the guidelines on the general responsibilities and rights of employees regarding their behavior, presence and performance within the workplace.

This Policy defines the main guidelines for ensuring the safety conditions at each level of operation and fully informs employees and stakeholders about the security applicable to the Group’s companies.

This Policy sets out the main guidelines for ensuring and developing health and safety conditions at work, fully informs employees and stakeholders about the will and determination of the Management to take all necessary steps to protect staff and ensures compliance of the Group’s companies with the requirements of the legislation.

This Policy reflects Captec Group’s responsibility and commitments to employees, the market, society and the environment in terms of sustainable development.

This Policy stipulates specific guidelines so that actions to protect the environment be based on planning and objectives.

This Procedure defines the framework which is implemented with the aim of managing privileged information and properly informing the public in an effective manner and in compliance with the applicable legal and regulatory framework.

This Procedure regulates the actions required for the notification and public disclosure of transactions by persons discharging managerial responsibilities and persons closely associated with them in accordance with the requirements of the law.

This Procedure identifies the related parties and lays down the rules for ensuring transparency and effective supervision of the company’s contracts or transactions with related parties, in accordance with the law and the regulatory framework.

This Procedure defines the actions to be taken to evaluate the Corporate Governance System of Captec Group and its subsidiaries.

This Policy outlines the rules and basic guidelines for fraud incidents that may occur in Captec Group companies and sets out the methodology for taking the necessary steps to prevent such incidents.

The purpose of this Policy is to ensure that business decisions are taken in the best interest of the Company and not on the basis of personal interests, relationships or benefits.